The Full Flannelette

Happy Sunday blog peeps!!

Unfortunately Gossamer Wings has been on a 2 week hiatus but we are now back in full swing. The reason for my absence from the interweb was that I went away last weekend to Kangaroo Valley with my closest friends. Lovely trip! But this girls getaway got me seriously thinking about something I’ve been trying to suss out for a while now. That being … full flannelette pyjamas!

You know the ones. The full length top and pants, matching print, flannelette pyjamas combo. When we are young, little and cute, we all love to get decked out in our flanny pj’s in winter. They cover all the bases you could ask for in pyjamas. High cuteness factor, tick. Snuggly soft and comfy, tick. Keep you warm from the cold, tick.

However as we get into our teens, we become ever more aware of what is ‘cool’ and what is ‘not cool’. I don’t know about you but prancing around in full flanny pj’s at year 10 school camp was deemed NOT cool at my school. So a lot of us, as we age, become too cool for school, and too cool for the full flanny. The pants alone were apparently still cool, but the full set was phased out of the bedtime wardrobe.

At least, this is what I thought …

It appears that there has been a secret society of flannelette pyjama wearers hiding under my nose for the past 10 years! Other than one of my very best friends who I know has been a lifetime supporter, I have never come across anyone else who still rocks the full matching set flannelette pyjamas in their twenties. I always would have a chuckle with her about how she was one of the only twenty-something’s who still tried to pull off this look. In an attempt to show her the sleepwear time warp she was stuck in, I did what any other person would do in this situation. I turned to Facebook! I put it to all the Facebooker’s out there and asked if anyone still wore a set of full flannelette pyjamas to bed.

Well well, to my surprise, I had about 20 replies of people sharing their love for wearing the full flanny pj’s as well. All of these self confessed flanny wearers are amazingly accomplished and sociable people in their 20’s, and they proudly own the fact that when they get into bed at night they are wearing matching cupcake patterned (or car patterned, there were male responders too) full set pj’s. Most of the comments behind the reason for still donning the full pj set to bed were that they keep you warm and their patterns are ‘fun and cute’. The practicality and adorable prints now seem to overshadow the dorky stigma that was previously attached to this bed wear in our teens.

Insanity! Have I just been totally out of the loop when it comes to bed wear trends? Is being a flannelette pyjama lover something that people don’t usually confess? OR is it an up and coming returning trend that I have uncovered?

Please tell me, can you confess to being a full flannelette pj lover? Or do you still think that they are for little kids and grandpa’s?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sudden urge for a Peter Alexander spree.


Where for art thou hangover

It’s a Saturday night and all of your besties are raring to hit the town for some beverages (or fifty) and you just can’t help but think to yourself ‘Ugh, tomorrow is going to be another wasted day in bed hungover’. WELL … it doesn’t have to be my Gossamer Winged peeps! I am somewhat renowned amongst my friends as the one who cannot handle her alcohol. I’ll have 3 drinks and be ill, not pleasant or ladylike at all. But I still love to hit the town and have fun with my friends like most young and excitable dames. So, here are some of my tried and tested tips and tricks to have a fantastic night without the hangover :

Drink water! If you don’t want to go the whole sober hog and you’ve decided to have a couple of drinks, make sure you have a glass of water in between every drink. The reason why we feel so awful with a hangover is primarily because the alcohol has sucked the watery daylights out of our bodies. So you need to drink a glass of water between every alcoholic drink that you consume to combat the dehydration and maintain your hydration levels.
Please note – when I say a couple of drinks, I don’t mean a hundred. This is most likely not going to work for you if you’re already hammered.

Eat before you go. As above, if you’ve decided you can’t be a total sober Sally when out on the town and you’re going to have a couple of drinks, make sure you eat a solid meal before you head out. By having some food in your stomach as a lining, the alcohol you’re drinking has something to hold on to which makes it easier to process by the body.

Have a drink in your hand. So you’ve decided you’re not going to drink any alcohol. Good for you! Power to the people! Now one of the hardest elements of the night is likely to be peer pressure. Unless you have absolutely amazingly cool friends that are supportive of your decision not to drink, you may encounter the age old, “Where’s your drink? Aren’t you drinking? Oh how boring. Come on, just have one. I’ll buy it for you!” From my own experience, the main reason for this is usually because the people around you aren’t confident enough in themselves to hang around a sober person while they’re intoxicated and joking around. They feel as though you are judging them while they are in their inebriated state. Ofcourse this is silly. Hey you’re just trying to have a fun time too!
SO in order to avoid this entire situation altogether, order your chosen non-alcoholic beverage (whether it be soft drink or soda water) and have a few of these throughout the night. Such a simple thing as holding a cup of liquid in your hand will ensure you enjoy a comfortable, hassle-free evening.

Designated Driver. One of the easiest, and definitely most convenient, ways of having a night out minus a hangover the next morning is to be the designated driver for the evening. Not only will your friends love you for being their chauffer for the night, but you’ll save SO much money that you would have spent on taxis.

Dance the night away. I find one of the most fun parts of going out with my besties is the dance floor. I don’t know many girls who don’t love to boogie, shake their body down to the ground, turn around and do the hokey pokie. Not only is dancing super fun, but it also distracts your mind if you’re worried about not drinking, AND it’s practically an exercise workout. Winning!

Piggy Bank. This is a given, but just incase you’re reading this hungover and need a little reminding, waking up hangover free is amazing for the body AND for the wallet. Think about how much money it costs to buy drinks, pay for club cover charges and for taxis. Astronomical! Now, think about that funky top you saw at the shops the other day you wanted to buy. That top could be yours after what you could save from just ONE sober night out. Oh yeah, you better believe it.

This is in absolutely no way an ‘Alcohol consumers be damned’ post here. I like to have the occasional drink like the rest of you. Especially paired with cheese, yum. However our bodies and minds need a break from the booze sometimes, and the above are just a few helpful ideas for such booze breaks. Not to mention all the glorious things we can do of a weekend when we wake up feeling refreshed and eager to live life.

Now if you gave up half way through the night and had an absolute boozer, don’t fret. You may wake up feeling incredibly hungover, but it doesn’t mean you have to look hungover.   Get up out of bed, scull 2 large glasses of water, and follow these AHmazing ‘how to hide a hangover with makeup’ tips.

In the spirit of Autumn

Greetings Gossies!! (I just made that up on the spot. Can you tell?)

Since my last post, I’ve been thinking not only about what to do in this wretched cold weather, but also about how well my current wardrobe is going to fare now that the seasons are a-changing. I really need to go on a spree and stock up on some winter woolies. My friends and I whinge to each other about this conundrum every year as the warmer months turn into a winter wonderland. But we all agree that until we can scrounge up enough cashola to go on wanted spree, we need to make do with what we’ve got.

With the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week hitting the town of Sydney this week, what better motivation and inspiration is there to conjure up new ideas and exciting ways to wear your old clothes and accessories. I stumbled across some amazing tutorials on Youtube by Liberty London who show us great techniques in wearing scarves. As I always say (write), scarves are the gateway item to the changing seasons. Well okay, I don’t always say (write) that. But I’ve always thought it! Check out the wizardry :