In the spirit of Autumn

Greetings Gossies!! (I just made that up on the spot. Can you tell?)

Since my last post, I’ve been thinking not only about what to do in this wretched cold weather, but also about how well my current wardrobe is going to fare now that the seasons are a-changing. I really need to go on a spree and stock up on some winter woolies. My friends and I whinge to each other about this conundrum every year as the warmer months turn into a winter wonderland. But we all agree that until we can scrounge up enough cashola to go on wanted spree, we need to make do with what we’ve got.

With the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week hitting the town of Sydney this week, what better motivation and inspiration is there to conjure up new ideas and exciting ways to wear your old clothes and accessories. I stumbled across some amazing tutorials on Youtube by Liberty London who show us great techniques in wearing scarves. As I always say (write), scarves are the gateway item to the changing seasons. Well okay, I don’t always say (write) that. But I’ve always thought it! Check out the wizardry :


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