Gossamer Wings is an exciting new venture for me to try and further develop my writing skills while being able to discuss amazingly fun and interesting lifestyle topics from travel to food, beauty to books, wellbeing and all these little things which a lot of us enjoy. I hope to provide an adventurous and refreshing look into how each and every one of us style our own lives.

The title Gossamer Wings encapsulates what both you and I are about to embark on. I am attempting to build my journalistic wings in a fun and interactive way. And just like when you take a peek through the gorgeous gossamer wings of a dragon fly and catch a hint of colour and a glimpse of light, you can find in this blog various hints and glimpses of how we style and develop our own lives every day.

Think of Gossamer Wings as a source to bring to you ‘A hint of Life’.

So stick around and have a read of some of these hints and glimpses …..




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